May 14, 2011 ~ Seattle, WA ~

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Auspicious Day

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Wish you all the best and 恭喜發財, 身體健康! Today means a lot to Rich and me because there are only 100 days left until our wedding!! We are very excited and can’t wait to celebrate our big day with all of you!

We are trying to diet, but we’ve been very unsuccessful. XD Rich and I both like snacks a lot. I’m addicted to Kinder Bueno chocolate, and Rich likes everything... except Kinder Bueno! LOL Whenever Rich wants to eat snacks, he will ask me if I want to have some. If I say "no", he will beg me to share half with him, so that he will feel less guilty. LOL Anyway, we have given up on dieting already. Hopefully Rich will gain more weight, so that I will look thinner beside him! XD