May 14, 2011 ~ Seattle, WA ~

Welcome to the wedding webpage of Richard Chung & Holly Li. Here you will find the latest details for our wedding!

Wedding Party

Holly Li ~ Bride
Richard Chung ~ Bridegroom

Celine Chen ~ Maid of Honor
Karen Fung ~ Bridesmaid
Chi Li ~ Bridesmaid
Crystal Chung ~ Bridesmaid

Victor Cheng ~ Man of Honor
Keisuke Nakagawa ~ Groomsman
Dr. Veerawat Phongtankuel ~ Groomsman
Alex Cheng ~ Groomsman

Mr. James Healy ~ Father of Bride
Mrs. Eva Kong Healy ~ Mother of Bride
Mr. Michael Chung ~ Father of Groom

Deacon Joseph Yuen ~ Officiant

Celine was Holly's first Seattle girlfriend.  Karen and Chi are Holly's close friends from college.  Crystal is Richard's younger sister.

Keisuke, Veerawat, and Alex are Richard's college buddies.  Victor has been a close friend since junior school.